14 Aug 2015

:-As Seen On TV~ X5 Slimming Belt-:

:-As Seen On TV~ X5 Slimming Belt-:
~Use about 10 minutes every day~   
To make sure the product last longer, use max 40 mins, and rest it 2-3 hours.
       1, Eliminate the excess fat of back, arm, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs and other parts. 
       2, Promote gastrointestinal motility, clean up the stool gut, constipation, while effectively blocking oil, to detox, slimming, beauty effect. 
       3, Firming sagging skin layer, making skin more taut and elastic. 
       4, Promote blood circulation, clean up the blood vessels in fat. 
       5, Relieve neurasthenia, relieve stress. 
       6, Physical health rejection of fat, the treatment of chronic diseases. 
       7, Make internal organs stronger, and enhance overall disease resistance, and reduce lactic acid production, eliminate back pain, relieve fatigue functional role. 

       1, Burn fat, reduce weight, reduce muscle fatigue. 
       2, To promote digestion, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism. 
       3, Excluding harmful toxins, making the skin soft and smooth. 
       4, Weight loss and fitness. Quickly reach lipid-lowering, weight loss, massage, fitness effect. 
       5, Far infrared heat effect, accelerate the decomposition of fat to promote excretion of impurities; also available when hyperthermia thereby relieving back pain.

RM 75.90
                    EM  RM9.00
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