14 Aug 2015

:-Super Ultrasonic Leading Beauty Instrument-:

:-Super Ultrasonic Leading Beauty Instrument-:

Can increase the absorption rate of our skin to skin care product more than 140 times!
Using the unique super ion releasing technology, the nutrients penetrate the barrier layer of skin care products, a steady stream into the bottom layer of cells, allowing the cells to fully absorb the nutritional essence; role in vibration massage, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, make skin cells regain vitality, so as to achieve diminish wrinkles and prevent wrinkles, restore skin elasticity, shine and restore youthful. 
1. Innovative design 
2. Ion release combines the physical vibration massage 
3. Improve eye puffiness, heal signs of aging, keep young secret. 
4. Ion sensing, relaxing massage skin, help improve skin; eliminate wrinkles. 
5. Beauty eye, reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity. 
  Whole new generation of micro-current ion iontophoresis device imported technology can stimulate cell energy rapidly, accelerate cell metabolism, enhance and promote the absorption of nutrients.
1. Cation: a potent combination of positive ions cleanser quickly remove accumulated dirt in the pores within the metabolic residues and pigmentation decomposition, release, from the inside out clean, comfortable perfectly clear pores recovery . 
2. Anion: valid import into the dermal layer of nutrient solution, repair broken fibers that help cells absorb essential nutrients, making skin continuously produce new cells, so as to achieve restoration whitening effect. 

1. Clean skin
Switch on, hold the product gently, touch on area needed, push up the green led lamp, cation is cleaning skin, after using please switch off.
2. Help improve skin absorption
Apply skin care product thoroughly on the skin, 
switch on, hold the product gently, use the product from downwards to upwards, from in to out, circular motion on the skin,  
push down the red led lamp, anion is importing, 
 after using please switch off.
3. Do not stop in same part, do circular motion about 60 seconds 1 circle.
4. Suggest use 3-5 times weekly.

1. Use about 15 minutes, if longer will not get better effect, but will cause cell fatigue.
2. When use small head, reduce the using time, about 8-10 minutes.
3. Do not use near eye part.

RM 39.90
                    EM  RM9.00
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