15 Aug 2015

:-Three Tourists Treasures Set-:

:-Three Tourists Treasures Set-:

Even gnomes like to be comfortable while travelling. The Travelocity Air Inflatable Travel Pillow eyeshade and earphone  takes mobile coziness to a whole new level. If you’re going on vacation, this travel sets is a must-have! The Travelocity pillow is filled with air for the ultimate in comfort and support, and the super-soft plush top feels fantastic against the skin. The u-shape design fits around the neck above the shoulders to provide comfortable, ergonomic support while maintaining the neck’s natural cervical curvature. This comfy companion is perfect for use on airplanes, train, while riding in the car, even while relaxing in the bathtub or watching TV at home. Next time you’re ready to hit the road, remember to bring along the Travelocity Air Inflatable Plush Travel Pillow! It’s too comfy to be without.
How to use:
This product has double leak-proof, and is easy and fast to inflate: pinched flat (or flat teeth, bite directly) after the blowing air nozzle cone roots. Quick release gas: gas mouth pinched flat square root of pressure put upon gas pressure in the end will be folded around it, then squeeze the palm flat gas.
  • Inflatable Pocket Pillow for relaxing travel. Light compact size great for travel!
  • With this pillow you will never have to worry about neck pain again!
  • Excellent for travel, camping or even in your office.
  • It adjusts by inflating for desired support and firmness.
Name :  Inflatable pillow+eyeshade+earplug 
Material:   Nano flocking PVC +Non-woven fabric +Polyester
including  1pc *  U-shape inflatable pillow
                      1pc * eyeshade
                      1pair* earplug
用植绒PVC料经高频热压成型,倒阀门气嘴,具有双层防漏气渗气功能。(充气或放气时捏扁气门嘴,保险珠会自动脱离气门口) 。充气旅行枕又称"电视枕",尤为驾驶员所喜爱。


RM 11.90
                    EM  RM9.00
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