13 Aug 2015

:-Mini Magic Compressed Travel Towel-:

 :-Mini Magic Compressed Travel Towel-:
Before : 4.5 x 1.0CM
after put into the water : 30 x 40CM
One Roll 10 unit,this is one unit price
Material: spunlace non-woven
Cotton compressed towels, clean, easy to carry, soothing beauty, re-use!
Three seconds into the water immediately turned into a small square 30 * 40CM. Oh, very practical, home to the guests, not how to do with a towel? Take one out, convenient and practical, can be used repeatedly. Friends there to play, he is unable to bring a towel how to do? Compressed with a small towel, ready to be out with, can do after use wipe
全棉压缩毛巾,清洁卫生,便于携带,润肤美容,重复使用!入水三秒,立刻变为一条 30X40CM的小方巾。很实用的噢,家中来了客人,没有带毛巾怎么办?拿一条出来,方便又实用,可反复使用。去朋友那里玩又不方便带毛巾怎么办?带一个 小小的压缩毛巾,随时可以拿出来用,用完后还可以做抹布。

RM 1.50/UNIT
                    EM  RM9.00
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