14 Aug 2015

:-Japan 3rd Gen. 24K Gold Beauty Massager-:

:-Japan 3rd Gen. 24K Gold Beauty Massager-:

- Use it 9 minutes daily, slimming and firmming face just in 1 step.
- Vibrate 6000 times/Minute
The final rescue - relaxation type big face, dull skin type, all in this one - Japan 3rd Gen. 24K Gold Beauty Massager!
- Say bye to beauty salon
Save money and time!
- You can use it at any time and place, very convenient.
Beauty Bar Features
1. Made from semiconductor alloys.
2. Contain 99.999% purity germanium grain. Massage, beauty, whitening, slimming through uneven parts.
3. Comfort handle, easy to take and hold. Can adjust angle, gently force can fast scroll massage. In a short time you can experience the beauty beauty massage face-lift experience.
4. Unique polygonal surface design, easy to close to the skin, will feel very comfortable when massage.
1. By rotating rolling massage, face will be more elastic, skin will be more supple. Use continuously can become small oval face.
2. Massage precise location vigorously to stimulate! Relax and release stress!
3. Can enjoy high class beauty salon experience easily at home or outside.
4. Firmming facial sagging skin, eliminate eye bags, wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, refine pores.
5. Rolling massage, promoting facial metabolism and blood circulation, reduce the growth of acne and recurrence.
6. Tiny size, easy to take and use.
7. Can enjoy beauty massage when reading, watching TV, reading magazines, listening to music, bathing and others.

RM 57.90
                    EM  RM9.00
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